9Tribe offers a "matchmaker" approach to software development.  We know that diverse ideas need diverse options to turn ideas into applications.  When you join our tribe we will connect you with the right developer for your unique concepts.  


We have software development teams in the US, Peru and India; so we are equipped to build your site beautifully, quickly and cost effectively.  Whatever your dream is, we have a team that can make that dream a reality.


Network Development: There are a lot of startups that have great ideas but just don't have the financial resources to get those ideas off the ground. We have found that the best way to change this is by developing a network of key connections and partnerships. Our executive team is made up of highly networked individuals who will help you create connections and networks to get those ideas soaring.


Investor Matching Services: We lead our startups through a propriety process to give them their best shot at raising funding from investors. In many cases we will join them for investor pitch meetings. And in certain cases, we connect them with our own investor network. The funding process is typically the most intimidating and frustrating part of launching a startup, and we make that as streamlined and simple as possible.


We know two things: 1) That most startups are usually launched with one to two people.  2) That startups have a much better chance at success when many people are there to help.


With our strategy and consulting services we work directly with you to provide you "instant infrastructure". We help you fill in the personnel gaps for as little or as long as you need.


By having access to our tribe, your company will find the efficiency it needs to be more successful, more quickly. 9Tribe frees you from time spent in finding and training personnel. 9Tribe strategy and consulting services allow you to focus on what's most important; leading your dream to reality.


Many startups need help covering their C-suite positions of CTO, COO, CMO & CFO. 9Tribe can help you with all of this and more.