With a name like 9Tribe, you can probably guess that we like numbers around here. 

Here's another number entrepreneurs like you should know:  18

Why 18?  

Because only 18 percent of first time entrepreneurs succeed. That’s it.  That’s reality and it's harsh.  Now take a deep breath and know there’s some good news for dreamers like you; there’s a key to destroying that 18.

Don't do it alone.  Startups with teams are shown to raise 30% more investment and grow their customer base 3 times as fast as those business run by individuals alone.  9Tribe exists to give you that team.  9Tribe is a circle of trust, a safe place to share ideas, hear advice, find answers and inspiration. We are your team, your Tribe.

Why 9Tribe?  Because our entire team has been right where you are now.  We come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise that give us perspective and ability to support each startup with its own unique needs. So, whether you need technology, engineering, manufacturing, accounting, legal counsel; all of the above or something else entirely: our team can help.

So, say goodbye to 18 forever and reach out and join the tribe: 9Tribe.